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G23 Pro Drone Brushless 5G WIFI 4K Camera Laser Obstacle Avoidance GPS Drones with Shock-absorbing Ball



1. Brushless GPS unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), super long life. 2. 300 m electronic fence a safe distance. 3. Low electricity return, power/signal. 4. Indoor light flow point, outdoor GPS, laser obstacle avoidance 5. Surround flying and take photos or videos as you want, make you be the centre. 6. Smart follow the GPS location (your phone) or follow the picture (you). 7. Headless mode, easy to control, the controller is the centre. 8. Real 4K camera solution 3840 x 2160. 7. With Shock-absorbing Ball, Video shooting is more stable.

Performance Data:

1. Battery: 7.4V 3000mAh;

2. Charge time: 3 hours;

3. Fly time : 18 mins;

4. Fly range: 500 meter;

5. Wifi range: 300 meter;

6. Weight with package: 850 gram;

7 Size of package: 26.7*9.5*21CM;

8.Size of drone (expended): 37.2*33.2*6.4 CM;